Though it is an excellent background resource for a variety of topics, the Faculty Guidebook is truly application-oriented, providing you with tools to help you and your learning community integrate new and improved methods into your current practices.

Aims, Goals, and Vision

This extensive multi-year project will package over 15 years of knowledge and experience related to improving faculty performance in higher education. The main outcome of the project, the Faculty Guidebook, will have the look, feel, and substance of refereed conference proceedings.

Our expectation is that the Faculty Guidebook will become a preferred, first-reference for those who want to expand their understanding and implementation of educational philosophy, learning theory, mentoring, teaching, assessment and evaluation, curriculum design, and institutional effectiveness.

The focus will be on innovations (intellectual property) related to advanced research and best practices that improve teaching/learning; presenting theoretical topics for which there are practical and effective applications in higher education.

Multiple Uses

The Faculty Guidebook is meant to be used in the following contexts:

  • a general purpose resource tool for all faculty desiring to improve their performance.

  • a reference used by higher education institutions to support their faculty development efforts.

  • a resource to help faculty mentor their junior colleagues.

  • a resource providing the basis for implementing a "graduate student training system."

  • a tool for moving classroom innovations to conferences and publications (rapidly converting new teaching/learning knowledge into a peer reviewed reference).

  • a resource tool during Pacific Crest workshop activities.

  • a resource to support "on-line" and distance learning environments.

  • a resource for smaller corporate trainers and training firms (vendor expos, local training organizations, professional societies such as ASTD).

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