This volume offers the promise of directly engaging faculty through an approach that integrates theory and practice, process and results, professional development and authentic practice, individual classrooms and systems.
This is an invaluable aid in developing empowered learning communities as faculty teams continue their work focused on assessment."

Hank Lindborg, Educational Consultant, AQIP


The information in this edition of the Faculty Guidebook is presented in four sections, each of which correlates to a major role for faculty members in an enriched learning environment: Institutional Development, Knowledge Development, Learning Development, and Self-Growth. (See the front cover; the fifth role, that of Professional Development, is addressed by the Faculty Guidebook, as a whole.)

Each section is divided into chapters which address topics central to the faculty role covered by that section. Finally, each chapter is actually comprised of a number of modules. All 146 modules are short (no longer than four pages), distilled to quickly convey what is essential about any given topic. Most chapters begin with an overview module, so you can easily skim the contents of the entire book just by reading the chapter overviews. Each module provides you with references, allowing you to apply the material with confidence, knowing that methods have been tested and that successes are supported with evidence.

You can also access the original material if you want to find out more about the subject. In addition, each chapter contains an annotated bibliography that provides you with the chapter editor’s “short list” of top reference picks to facilitate deeper study of a topic. To minimize overlap and needless repetition, frequent references within the modules point you to related entries elsewhere within the Faculty Guidebook. These references are bolded and italicized.

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