At Baker College, we have published the Faculty Guidebook on our web site for faculty to access whenever they need it. This allows 24/7 access from any location, which is important for our adjunct faculty; it allows them to use this resource for professional development in a way that suits their needs and schedules."

Cindy VanGieson, Dean of Developmental Education, Baker College of Jackson

Institutional Site License

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Why not give your faculty and staff a "License to Learn" by purchasing a site license for the Faculty Guidebook? With a site license, you’ll make it easier for everyone to get involved in the learning experience since every administrator, faculty, and staff member can download personal copies of the Faculty Guidebook. In addition to providing access to a web site with downloadable PDF files, purchase of a site license also allows you to:

  • Purchase individual copies of the Faculty Guidebook at a discounted price of $45 (a significant reduction in the single book rate of $100), with bulk orders (more than 10 copies) discounted to $40 each.

  • Access the e-version of the Guidebook (available with the purchase of a site license), including all the features cited in the article above, PLUS the PDF print-ready files.

  • Obtain annual updates at a cost of 25% of the site license fee.

  • Make copies of selected content for all administrators, faculty, or staff (full or part-time), as needed.

The 24-7 web access also makes it easy for all faculty and staff to access the FGB from any location, at any time, putting this resource for professional development in the hands of all interested learners. Putting copies of the Guidebook in the hands of all faculty and staff also makes it easier to create meaningful learning opportunities at brown bag lunch discussions, in-service events, and other faculty development workshops.

Plans are to eventually have a Faculty Guidebook with 400 modules, making the ability to purchase annual updates at reduced cost particularly attractive and ensuring that all educators are kept abreast of the latest information on teaching and learning.

The cost of the site license is based on the number of full-time faculty.

Site License Pricing Schedule

# full-time faculty one-time
site license fee
75 or less $1,000 $250
76-149 $2,000 $500
150-249 $3,000 $750
250-349 $4,000 $1,000
350-449 $5,000 $1,250
450-599 $6,000 $1,500
600-799 $7,000 $1,750
800-999 $8,000 $2,000
1,000+ to be negotiated

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